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YouTube - Watch, Upload and Share Videos app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 7248 ratings )
Photo & Video Entertainment
Developer: Google, Inc.
Current version: 12.47.16, last update: 1 day ago
First release : 11 Sep 2012
App size: 193.29 Mb

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Pros and cons of YouTube - Watch, Upload and Share Videos app for iPhone and iPad

YouTube - Watch, Upload and Share Videos app good for

I watch YouTube all the time. There are many videos you can watch.
You have the right kids vids in there. For me I love it. But like the others they don’t.
There is an issue witch is if you go to video and flip the phone the video will be half screen and the other half in the nowhere side I hope you understand me and fix that issue and thank you
I use this app 24/7 but I always have this issue when I get locked in the video and it won’t let me the the other videos. Also the orientation mode is really glitchy and I would like that to be fixed.
I can’t wait until youtube gets fixed, I have no problem with the app, it is the about the videos. When I watch 60fps videos, the 60fps wont work, and on any video, the quality won’t change at all. This is starting to get really annoying and I was thinking about downgrading to an older version of youtube. I hope this gets fixed soon.
I like it it is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so fun

Some bad moments

I’ve had this app for over a year on this device and it worked 100% fine, but every time I try watching a video it freezes my screen and it won’t let me do anything until it crashes. It’s really annoying and I’m not pleased
When I watch any video on this app, it will pause and then freeze for 30 seconds and when I try to play it will freeze again.
After the latest update youtube all the time crashes and I can’t watch a video or do something in this app...please make it looks like before!!ALL THE TIME CRASHES
The application is stil draining my battery even after I updated to the version that is supposed to fix this issue. iPhone 7 Plus iOS 11.2 (This started happening after the update to 11.2)
Unbelievably intrusive ads. Very poor quality app, regular bugs that never seem to be fixed. This app is basically a scam.
I use this app daily but after the recent update on my iPhone 6 it stalls and freezes when I ever try to scroll up or down and takes about 8 sec before a video pops up. Please fix

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