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YouTube - Watch, Upload and Share Videos app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 2416 ratings )
Photo & Video Entertainment
Developer: Google, Inc.
Current version: 13.05, last update: 1 week ago
First release : 11 Sep 2012
App size: 176.33 Mb

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Pros and cons of YouTube - Watch, Upload and Share Videos app for iPhone and iPad

YouTube - Watch, Upload and Share Videos app good for

In my opinion YouTube is awesome ? I have a suggestion Why don’t u people who make YouTube put less ads I was watching a video and then the ad just pops up! I’m not hating all I’m saying is that Thanks again!????
I can’t loop my videos! I can do it on my Computer but not my IPhone Phone. It really sucks?
The app is amazing overall but could use general improvements.. but most importantly more attention on the practically cyber bullying happening in comments of some videos.
I love the app but I think if you could make it better by having more art vids
I love this app use it everyday but can you add in a night mode so instead of everything being a blinding white it can be a black or some type of dark color
I use YouTube pretty much on a daily basis and it never disappoints. Great app and really organized!!

Some bad moments

The phone apps is fine, but the Apple TV app is unusable with the latest update. Navigation is jumpy, always jumps 2 items when moving right. Auto play can’t be turned off, option in settings is ignored. - fixed Channel subscription are now a list instead of grid, making it impossibles to navigate a large list of subscriptions. The channel icons are giant, and only 3 fit on the screen at a time making it even harder to navigate. Preview play is just a spoiler fest. Please add option to turn off. Top level menu can’t be accessed with the menu button, instead it jumps to a completely different branch in the navigation tree. The old app had its problems, but was usable. I’m amazed how much worse the latest version manages to be.
After getting the new update I cannot play a single video on the app, every time I click it it’ll freeze.
Description doesn’t say the change in each update. Same old stupid description over and again.
Get Youtube RED to Canada. We would pay for an ad free service and enable background listening.
Get YouTube red in Canada so I can use all the options you guys are bousting about until then the app is the same as it was 4 years ago
Anytime I start watch something app freezes have to restart it through another ad and then the frozen scene shows up and just stays there but the ad worked perfectly. Had to restart my phone and still had the same problem

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