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My Mix?

What happened to My Mix playlist? I used to be able to find it after scrolling for a little bit in the Home section but for a while now I haven’t seen it on the mobile app? I could go on the website using my phone browser but it’s just a little inconvenient. Otherwise the app seems alright to me.

Annoying glitch

Ok, I don’t know if it is a glitch, but it’s annoying. If u drag the video half way down the screen and let go, the bar at the bottom shows ups but also the video at the top. PLEASE FIX!!!

Add a stop button

It is good and all but I think that they should add a stop button when you make a YouTube. Other than that it is really good hop that they do that soon.


When I click on a video the screen stays frozen plz fix it

Too many ads

Too many ads

Review of YouTube

I believe as it grows YouTube is an amazing thing, only one issue, sometime people have a smart t.v and I simply want a setting where you want your YouTube to connect to that smart tv or not, it’s not good to just have it in one spot in case it gets tapped by accident.

New update

Just got the new update. Now when I connect to my chromecast the menu bar on the bottom disappears. I can’t go and look at my notifications, or my playlists, nothing. All I can watch are things on the homepage, or search for specific videos.

Please Add Ability to Rearrange Downloads and Offline Playlists

It’s annoying how you can’t rearrange your downloads for YouTube Red subscribers. There also needs to be an offline playlist option as well.

New update makes home tab unusable

Can no longer find the things I go to YouTube to watch, because no one told YouTube they weren’t Netflix. Have to stick with my galaxy now, THANKS


YouTube hq is getting shot up rn... ?

The app is great

This app is great because it adult and children friendly

Great app!

YouTube is the best app/site ever! I use it every day all day. Just one thing. Can you guys enable the change cameras feature for live feeds just like on desktop? That would be awesome! My device: Apple IPhone SE Verizon 128gb.

The latest update doesn’t let me use YouTube on any of my apple products

I’m on a military base, and it won’t let me use YouTube

I love it but.......

I love the app but sometimes there is a glitch or a bug where when I enter full screen but then sometimes I cant exit full screen without exiting and re-entering the app.

I love

I love YouTube app

No more ads!

I like the app a lot and it’s pretty awesome what you can do with it too. The only thing I don’t like is the ads. I see them enough on TV so why do I gotta watch them while watching something that I’m interested in. I’m not interested in Sprint or T-Mobile ads, they’re just plain dumb. I bet a lot of other people in the world hate these ads too. YouTube please just take the ads away, you’re better than this!!

Helpful app

This app is not only to watch some creepy,funny,sad,mad videos it also helps you find or fix something like if you want to play something but you don’t know what YouTube gives you plenty of ideas?

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Super Positive

YouTube, makes almost anything possible as long as you you stay positive!! It’s a great platform to get make your point, get your voice or show your view.

I hate it

I can’t do a live so two stars and fix that ???

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