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I love YouTube!

YouTube is my favorite part of the internet!


I can’t watch videos. It will continually buffer and will not play.

What happened

First I went into YouTube to check my channel out and i saw all except one videos deleted like what?!?! Plus that’s not all I went to comment on a video and I’m no restriction mode and I can’t get off?!? What is wrong with you youtube I never had a problem like this before!!

Bad bug

Aug 22, Got a bad bug this morning and had to delete app. It would not react to any touch on the screen! Could not enlarge a video, change to another one, bring up the exit arrow, nothing. Its not my device as other games work just fine, and obviously Im typing on it. Bah humbug! I had the Red version and wonder if I have to pay for that Again! Sept 22 now, bug is back. I quit paying for YOUTUBE RED as they quit paying my favorite folks. The ads arent that bad. The monthly bug is.



iOS 11 HUGE bug

With the new ios 11 update it had been so slow. Its very laggy and choppy. The video is buffering and when it does buffer it skips 10 seconds to fix the 10 second thing i HAVE to turn off auto quality every video but its still slow can you optimize the app for ios 11?

Yea, no.

Hi, still looking for a Dark mode and NOW looking for a fix to this “Google Apps” bs. I don’t know what the hell that is but it’s seriously messing up my viewing experience on YouTube. Fix this ASAP.

Website links

I use this app almost everyday and this morning website links no longer work. They take you to an all white screen

Constant Problems With Latest Update

The current version of the app: - frequently locks up in the middle of playing a video, requiring a force-quit to restore functionality - doesn’t auto-play the next video in a Playlist - stops the phone from sleeping after a video ends I don’t know what has happened, but something is recently broken.

I love YouTube so much but

I love YouTube but if they make like a thing to erase activity if you could erase cause people fallow a lot of people in YouTube am one of the people and there’s so much activity’s that I already saw from like weeks ago you might say you could just punch the notification what if I don’t want but I want to erase it so YouTube could be more better not saying that is not better now just for the new update that’s all am going to say I love YouTube so don’t worry oh and also if you do that update all make sure I put 5 stars have a great day

YouTube Red adds

Why do I get banner adds at the top of YouTube when I pay for red? I thought the entire point of red was to lose the adds. kinda defeats the purpose doesnt it? Makes you wonder what youre paying for. I dont care that its adds for YouTube channels, I PAY FOR NO ADDS SO WHY ARE THERE ADDS.

No no not this

Its a great app and all but since yesterday ive been subbed to people i havent even seen in the comments ir live streams.

Love it

Everything YouTube is great watch app everyday until the end so keep up the good work!

Annoying and buggy

Every few videos YouTube will get stuck in full screen mode and won’t exit until I close the app. Incredibly annoying

iOS 11

Send since I updated to iOS 11 my app is crashing while watching videos please fix

Too much buffering

I dont know whats been going on but I cant watch a single video, even a 30 second one, without buffering. This has been going on for some time now, and its starting to bug me a bit. I try to watch a video, it buffers for 1-2 minutes, then buffers again for even longer! And I cant get through a single video without it buffering a minimum of two times.

It wont let me watch any videos

The app is good and all but now it doesnt allow me to watch videos and when I search them up I knock off version of the original YouTube is there. Some one please help me.... Im trying to watch videos on my spare time and to have a laugh... please help or give me recommendations on what to do

Update your app to work with ios 11

You get a 3 because of improvements over the years, the app is still slow on an iphone 6.


I am attached to YouTube everyday I look forward to watching videos but ever since iOS 11 it stoped please make YouTube compatible with iOS 11

Glitches out my phone on IOS.

The youtube app freaks out my phone and causes it to horribly glitch out my phone! Please fix this! I love YouTube but i can’t watch it if my phones going to self destruct every time I try to use the app.

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