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Great app besides that it keeps freezing

I love YouTube and I spend my life on it to watch funny videos and informational videos. I love YouTube. But recently there was a glitch were on my iPad I press a video or something and the app freezes and I have to refresh the app. It’s really annoying and needs to be fixed ASAP. But other than that I love YouTube.

keep crashing

it work perfectly before but after the update last time the app crashing during watching the video, and it keep happened, plz fix this

Won’t open videos

Ever since I got the update it won’t let me play videos , I can watch YouTubers I’m subscribed to and the videos on my recommend the problem is when I search up videos it won’t open those ones you can click as many times as you want but the video won’t open and you’re left on the video result page


Could you stop ‘Unexpectedly’ quitting?

Major battery drain

YouTube used up 72% of my battery in the last 24 hours — 8 minutes onscreen and apparently 10.8 hours in the background, even though I wasn’t using the app at all. I’m using iOS 11.1.2 on an iPhone 8. I used to love this app, but this is making it unusable.

Freezes & Force Closes

It got to the point where it became impossible to finish watching a video without few freezes and force app closes that i had to rate this App 1 star. iPhone 7 on iOS 11.1.2 And please bring Youtube Red to Canada already, damn.


See the only issue I’m having now with YouTube is the fact with the new update my screen keeps freezing a lot while the audio keeps going. Though it isn’t just one video either it’s every video I have watched that keeps doing this. The only way I can resume on the video is closing out of the app and reopening it to the video I was watching. When this is fixed it is totally a 5 Star app.

This thing is unbelievably stupid

I used to think that perhaps you were going in the correct direction, but it seems that I was proven wrong by the very humans that created this thing. The only positives are that I can watch videos and I have the ability to go into the history and either rewatch something or remove something. The negatives however, are atrocious, it includes, videos not included in my subscription feed ( I almost didn’t know of one of my favorite Drawfee videos, as well as many Draw With Jazza videos), the recommendations are useless, if I want to watch trending videos, I will go to trending, but the recommendations seem to “think” I want them in my recommendations. It constantly recommends political videos, annoying pop songs, idiots whining about things that do not exist, and that Netflix show “Stranger Things”( Well, I am perfectly fine with the last one even though I know almost nothing about “Stranger Things”, which from the two videos I watched about it, it reminds me of “The Goonies”). There is another type of video that gets recommended to me, but “people” will very likely get offended. There is this bug that causes that triangle thing to appear when I hold my iPod horizontally, though it is supposed to only appear when holding it vertically, once that happens I have to close the application. Occasionally this thing acts as if I have no WiFi signal, though everything else that requires a signal works fine.EDIT#1, my subscription feed still has missing videos, and one thing I forgot to mention is the search feed. Whenever I am writing something and I exit it, it resets, so I have to write the entirety of the thing that was written, it also gets quite annoying when I am writing things such as Merphistophelin or Odibatorasu, so perhaps you idiots could do a simple thing such as fixing bugs, as well as adding things that will most likely be helpful. At least this atrocity does not have Autocorrect, which will be a problem when I write something like Deepstaria Enigmatica.


Seriously, please go back to just swiping to look at channels/playlists instead of the filter checklist.


Why cant I click on anything on YouTube when I search it?

Fix the app!

The app keeps freezing!

Very glitchy on the X

50% of the time when I try the leave a comment I cant cuz my GBoard doesnt show up. Sometimes it even gets me stuck there

Idk what happened

Lately it’s been super buggy, crashes every time I try to right a comment and sometimes randomly in the middle of videos.

Constantly re downloading

It gets stuck in landscape mode and I can never exit that video. I have to delete it constantly and then re download it. All I want to do is listen to music and I cant even do that. GET IT FIXED!!!!!!!

Love it

Watch it all the time

I love YouTuber

This app is amazing it has everything about YouTube on my phone plus you dont have to login. And it’s very versatile it has came a long way I remember when I thought it was just a bunch of cat videos and people cursing. But I was wrong it’s amazing and full of great content it has made me stop watching tv. I have 2 complaint witch are people asking for likes and click bait that’s it.

Lots of playback bugs

Lots of play back bugs in recent versions. Also can not easily recover once connectivity is low... seems the only option is to exit the app and restart it which is not an elegant solution for modern apps.

Muy bueno me gusta YouTube

Si me gusta YouTube

Videos from search not playing...

Pls fix this bug. Links to the videos resulting from a search no longer works. If you tap on the search result, the video is not playing.. cant do anything with it. This happens on the iPad app, not iPhone.

No good

It’s ok at best

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