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Trigger Warning

YouTube needs to back off on their censorship policies and stop governing channels and stop deciding what channels should receive monetized benefits over others. Their actions regarding social justice are reprehensible. Let the free market decide what is viewable and allow for equal opportunity.

No background music!!!!!!!

Having problems with staying connected to chromecast, also volume doesnt work when connected. We still cant turn the phone off or even minimize the app and keep the music/ video playing. Its 2018 common. Please update this!!!!! Completely turned off from YouTube because of this. Updated on Oct 11/2016 Updated on Aug 04/2017 Updated on Sept 18/2017 Updated on Jan 21/2018


This app is my most used on anything!!! I love it

Pretty good!

It is definitely way better than watching from safari or google search.


I don’t know how you’ve done it but playback is so inconsistent now. Videos start randomly having sped up audio or slowed down audio. 5 times out of 10 the audio will restart after 3 seconds of video putting the two out of sync

Something is wrong with the speed

So Today I was Gonna watch youtube..To watch youtube and then the video was normal later on the video the audio was so slow and deep so I Started the video all over and then it was going super fast..

Sound issue

When I watch a video, it plays just fine then the sound makes people sound like chipmunks or really slowed down. What’s up with that? The voices sound super sped up or super slow like they’re talking in slow motion but the video is playing normally. It’s annoying and very strange

From lefties everywhere

Why did you make it so that when you scroll on the left side of your watch later playlist, it rearranges the videos?? Its so annoying for us lefties! Please go back to the way it was before its driving me up the wall

I like it but there is a lot to work on

I love YouTube and I watch videos on it every day but I’m a small youtube channel and I want to stream on my phone but I NEED MORE SUBSCRIBERS. I would like it if everyone could live stream on mobile.

Playing music

need an update that will allow music to continue to play in the background when you exit out of the app. it is really annoying and wastes so much battery because you can’t turn off your screen. we aren’t all watching the videos all the time, just trying to enjoy some music!

Y YouTube. WHY

For some reason YouTube SAYS its available but when I open it it does not work. I tapped open multiple times but it still won’t open. WTH

Youtube is the best

Love youtube LoL

Fix this bug please!!

Ok so whenever i watch a video the audio the video opalways gets squeakiy and speads up.I dont like it its annoying

The best

Muy satisfecho con la cálida de videos cada ves mejorando más sin duda alguna el mejor

Please Read

I used to love YouTube, but the updates keep getting worse and worse. When I search for a channel, it only shows videos unless you filter it to channels only. There used to be a bar at the top, so you could easily switch. Another thing, is when Im watching a video, the suggestion video thumbnails below just got bigger. The worst update of all is that I CANT LEAVE THE APP when Im watching a video. If I do, itll refresh when I come back and lose my progress. Please fix this, I think everyone would appreciate it.



Fix this problem please!!

I use the app all the time it’s really good, but recently it’s been lagging a lot for example the video that I’m watching with suddenly ‏Be really sped up or really slowed down and The audio‏ won’t be moving with the video and the video will go back (if that makes sense I don’t know how to explain it well) so it should be fixed.



Dark mode/Theater mode

This would make the app 10 Times better for night time and just for the look of the UI.

New bug discovered on IOS YouTube

A new bug that has recently started appearing is when you leave your IOS device off and unattended for a few seconds or minutes, YouTube closes for no reason. This issue has happened many times but it never bothered me before

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